It is the policy of RockTough that HR department would hire the appropriate person as per vacant job specification without any gender discrimination. The entire applicant will be treated according to their qualification and job requirement under consideration of merit base. More over HR department will hire the employee by use of all possible means like advertising in newspaper, chamber notice board, factory notice boards, banners on road and also website.

Hiring Policy

Disciplinary Policy

RockTough adheres to the concept of progressive discipline in our effort to ensure a fair method of disciplining employees. Company will attempt to give its employees advance notice of problems with their conduct or performance in order to provide them an opportunity to improve them. Discipline may take the form of a verbal warning, one or more written warnings, and suspension or dismissal. The choice of options depends on the seriousness of the behavior. 

It is the policy of RockTough to encourage and supports a high-quality approach to maintaining a fire safe environment. Company shall make necessary arrangement to ensure the protection of workforce from any occurrence of accident / incident. To ensure the fire safety Company shall review the safety equipment periodically.

Fire Safety Policy

Smoking Policy

It is the policy of RockTough that all workforces shall not be allowed to smoke in working areas. Only nominated areas shall be allowed for smoking near factory entrance gate. More-over company discourages smoking as it is injurious to health of employees and wastage of money.

RockTough aims to maintain its leading position in Martial Arts industry by satisfying our respectable customer's needs and expectation through providing consistent quality products backed-up through:

  1. Modern Research & Development Facilities
  2. Mechanized Manufacturing
  3. Quality Management system

The Company is Confident to declare that through its intention and efforts, it can motivate employees, produce better quality and create culture of continuous improvements

Quality Focus